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企业挂牌 Listing

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Jiangsu Huaihai Technology Property Exchange Center


Jiangsu Province Technology Property Exchange Market Xuzhou Center

中心介绍 Center introduction


Jiangsu Huaihai Technology Property Exchange Center is jointly funded by Jiangsu Huaihai Science and Technology City, Xuzhou Science and Technology Bureau and CUMT National University Science and Technology Park, specialized in the transfer and transformation of technological achievements and technology property rights transaction. In November 2018, the Center was approved as the qualification of "Listing Recommendation on the Growth Board of Jiangsu Equity Exchange Center".

挂牌简介Brief Introduction of Listing 

业务介绍:Business Introduction


The Growth Board is market-oriented, gathering all kinds of excellent enterprises, aiming to help enterprises with multi-channel financing, promotes the effective docking between listed enterprises and various institutions, and creates a convenient, efficient and low-cost display platform, investment and financing platform. Enterprises listed in Sci-Tech Innovation Board have distinct attributes of Sci-Tech innovation, which are basically ones with a certain research and development ability and a number of patents, a considerable number of which have obtained the high-tech enterprise qualification, and have their own "new" Sci-Tech breakthrough in the industries.



The Center trading board listing implement the recommendation system. The applying company shall entrust recommending institution member for recommendation, and hire professional service organization members to provide relevant professional services for their listing;



Hold the listing ceremony, beat the gong on the stage to witness the glorious moment together. Enterprise style would be displayed in official website, and enjoy wechat promotion, magazine publicity, quality enterprise key recommendation;

成长板挂牌展示受理条件  Acceptance Conditions for Growth Board listing display

1、依法设立且存续满12个月;Established legally and existing for 12 months;

2、业务明确,具有持续经营能力;Clear business, with a going-concern ability;

3、企业管理规范,依法合规经营;compliance management, operating in accordance with the law;

4、最近一年营业收入在2000万元以上,或年净利润在200万元以上(拥有核心技术、独特商业模式或高新技术企业等优势,可不受此条件制约);The operating income of the latest year is more than 20 million yuan, or the annual net profit is more than 2 million yuan ( enterprises, which have the advantages of core technology, unique business model or high technology, can not be subject to this condition);

5、股交中心要求的其他条件。Other conditions required by the Equity Exchange center.

科技创新板挂牌展示受理条件 Acceptance Conditions of Science and Technology Innovation Board listing display

1、企业获得国家高新技术企业认定;The enterprise has been recognized as a national high technology enterprise;

2、企业具有较强的技术创新能力,对其主要产品(服务)的核心技术拥有自主知识产权,获得2项国家授权的发明专利;The enterprise has a strong technological innovation ability, independent intellectual property rights for the core technologies of its main products (services), and obtained 2 invention patents authorized by the state;


The enterprise belongs to national key emerging industries, such as the "new generation of information technology, biotechnology, new energy, new materials, high-end equipment, new energy vehicles, green environmental protection, aerospace, marine equipment, internet, big data and artificial intelligence" etc.,;


The operating income of the enterprise in the previous year shall not be less than 20 million yuan, or the net profit shall not be less than 2 million yuan (Enterprises in the biomedical, semiconductor and new energy industries, which have been invested by private equity or venture capital funds filed by AMAC within three years and the amount over 3 million yuan , may be exempted from the revenue index requirements of this article);

5、股交中心认定的其他条件。Other conditions identified by the Equity Exchange center.

挂牌意义Listing significance


To provide a compliant and efficient platform for the capital operation of enterprises, and to create conditions for enterprises to land in the capital market to become bigger and stronger. Through listing, enterprises can obtain more attention and reports from the capital market, gain more support from the government, raise its brand influence and value, get the attention of the investment group; enhance the attraction of talents to retain the core team.

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